VSSC Program

Coaching Philosophy

The coaching staff set an example for young athletes and prepare them for life, both within, and outside of sport. Sport participation at elite levels is not for everyone, nor is it forever, it is reserved for a small percentage of the population. It is important that people understand that sport has a place for athletes at all levels, whether active for life, high performance or something in between.

We place a strong emphasis on goal setting, technical development, and personal improvement (both physically and mentally). The aim is to create an environment where athletes are not afraid to try new things, and possibly fail — there are learning opportunities in success and failure.

Our program is designed to coach athletes in the technical and tactical areas of speed skating, and create awareness of how to apply this knowledge. Once the race starts, skaters are in a situation where they cannot control (or predict) what the other skaters are going to do, they have to be able to react to any situation. Our role as coaches has limited influence from the sideline. It is important that we prepare athletes to be able to modify their tactics to multiple scenarios as the race unfolds for the best possible performance results.

Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

— Adam Ingle, Head Coach

Coach Adam

Adam Ingle, Head Coach

Coach Adam Ingle began coaching speed skating in 2005 with the Prince George Blizzard where he spent seven years leading the Intermediate Group before moving to the Advanced Group. Ingle became Vancouver Head Coach in 2015 and continues to work with our Intermediate/Advanced Group.

Adam has multiple NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certifications, culminating in a Competition Development Certification in June 2016. Adam is also recipient of both the viaSport BC Regional/Provincial Coach of the Year (2018) and BC Speed Skating Association Coach of the Year (2013). In both 2019 and 2023, Adam was selected to join the Long Track coaching team for TeamBC at Canada Winter Games.

Coach Keven

Keven Fitzpatrick, Head Development Coach

Over the past 14 years Coach Keven Fitzpatrick has been a dedicated coach for the Vancouver Speed Skating Club. As a professionally CSEP-CPT certified trainer, Keven has brought a high level of professionalism, safety, and accountability to the entire coaching staff.

Keven has multiple NCCP certifications and has completed Trained status for Competition Development. In 2021, Keven was selected to the SSBC Coaching Development Committee. Keven has been twice named head coach for Zone 5 of the BC Winter Games (2020, 2022). Keven has been awarded a TeamBC position on the 2023 coaching staff for the Canada Winter Games Short Track team.

Coach Stanley

Stanley Chang, Beginner Coach

Stanley has been with VSSC for over 8 years. First as parent and on-ice helper for Special Olympics and later an integral part of the development team for our club. Stanley has NCCP certifications as FUNdamentals Leader, FUNdamentals Coach and Introduction to Competition (In-Training).

Short Track Speed skating parents help out

Pete Friedel, Beginner and Dryland Coach

As a competitive cyclist, Pete took a keen interest in understanding all aspects of speed skating development since joining the club as a parent. He has acquired both NCCP certifications of FUNdamentals Leader and FUNdamentals Coach (Trained).

Short Track speed skating female coach, Sofia

Sofia Parades-Heidemann, Junior Coach

Sofia has been skating with VSSC since she was eight years old and before she leaves for post-secondary education we are lucky to have her assisting with coaching in our Beginner Group. Sofia is In-Training for her FUNdamentals Leader certification.

Short Track Speed skating coaches

Simon Mikulash, Junior Coach

Simon has competing at the highest level in British Columbia and recently represented our province at the 2021-22 Short Track Canada Cup Junior Final. Simon is In-Training for his FUNdamentals Leader certification. 

Coach Charlotte Sernoski

Charlotte Sernoski, Junior Coach

Charlotte has had an incredibly busy year. As one of the fastest Junior Women in British Columbia she has been travelling extensively. When she can, Charlotte joins our young skaters to help inspire and motivate. Charlotte has her FUNdamentals Leader (Trained) certification.

Coach Syliva Masich

Sylvia Masich, Junior Coach

Sylvia has been a great help with assisting our coaches. Sylvia has many years coaching experience and is a former recipient of the Prince George City Council’s Youth of the Year Award for her dedicated work with Special Olympics.

Vancouver Speed Skating coach Wilfred

Wilfred Chan, Junior Coach

Wilfred took a year off from high performance competitive skating to focus on academics. Lucky for us Wilfred is able to come out and inspire and coach our younger skaters. 

Female Coach

Giang-Vi Nguyen, Junior Coach

Giang-Vi has been a great addition to our coaching group this season. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious! Giang-Vi is In-Training for her FUNdamentals Leader certification.