About Us

The People Behind the Scenes

While many volunteer members chip in with practice setup, teardown, clubhouse maintenance, etc., these are the “official” positions that ensure the club remains viable, is in good standing as a non-profit organization, and makes sound decisions.

At each year’s Annual General Meeting, the positions are reviewed and members elected.

All are volunteer positions, and we encourage cross-pollination of knowledge so that transitions are smooth and enjoyable. We encourage any of our adult members to consider being a Board member, and/or helping with the Support Positions. 

Don’t be shy to get involved. You’ll be rewarded with the satisfaction of helping a diverse range of skaters achieve their goals, the ability to help direct our Club as it grows, and, last but not least, lots and lots of karma! 

Volunteers at Vancouver Speed Skating Club

Board of Directors



Karol Mikulash


Mitsuko Osugi


Karen Reppin

Special Olympics Liaison

June Lum

Directors at Large

Jenn Beagan
Cam Frewin
Jackie Humber
Michael Mong
Michael Mortensen
Jhenifer Pabillano

Administrative Positions

Meet Registrar

Pete Friedel

Volunteer Coordinator



Jhenifer Pabillano

Equipment Manager

Jeff Hamilton

Meet Coordinator

Karen Reppin

Facility and Ice Entitlement

Min Jin, Courtney Healey 

Fundraising Coordinator

Elisha Legault

Events Coordinator

June Lum