VSSC Safety and Development Fund

Vancouver Speed Skating Club is excited to announce our partnership with SportBC through the British Columbia Amateur Sport Fund (BCASF). The BCASF is a philanthropic gift-giving program, previously known as the National Sport Trust Fund, established through the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations for the development of amateur sport on a national level. As a registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA), the BC Amateur Sport Fund is able to issue an official tax receipt for all qualifying donations of $20 or greater.

With assistance from SportBC and Speed Skating British Columbia, we have set up the VSSC Safety and Development Fund to help with a very important fundraiser for our club.

In 2018-2019, VSSC was planning an essential and vital campaign to purchase new safety crash mats for our practice sessions at Kitsilano Ice Rink. An internal audit concluded that most of the current mats should be replaced as soon as possible. The cost of replacing these mats is a challenging endeavour for a volunteer run non-profit sports club. The board of directors voted to earmark seasonal revenue towards this important expenditure.

The COVID-19 pandemic could not have come at a worse time as VSSC experienced dramatically reduced registrations and all fundraising efforts ceased entirely. To keep the program running the Club was forced to use all cash reserves including funds saved for crash mat replacement.

Thankfully, the club has survived these difficult times and now, having stabilized, the club returns to this important priority. The plan is to implement in two phases:

Phase 1

The first goal is to replace all of the current mats as they have experienced much wear and tear since the last audit.

  • Sixteen (16) High Impact 12-inch mats
    Unit cost ~$800
  • Twenty (20) Peripheral 8-inch mats
    Unit cost ~$600

Phase 2

Our club has some very elite teenage skaters who skate over 40 kph as well as elderly recreational skaters that would greatly benefit from extra protection in the high impact zones with half-mats.

  • Twelve (12) Half-size 14-inch mats
    Unit cost ~$400

Total Fundraising Goal

The cost of fabrication and shipping from Eastern Canada is


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