Beginner Guide

Mandatory Skater Equipment

Safety is paramount for everyone participating at practices and competition. This is a list of mandatory equipment. Skaters will be instructed to leave the ice if they are missing one of the following listed items.  There is no exception.

If you are having difficulty sourcing this equipment check the VSSC Registration Store or Contact Us for a list of local suppliers.


    • Headgear must be certified to meet ASTM F 1849 standards.
    • Must be securely fastened under the chin.
    • Speed skating-approved helmets, hockey helmets or skateboard/ski helmets are acceptable.
    • Bike helmets are not acceptable.

Neck Protection

    • All skaters must wear neck protection that has a bib.
    • Must be made of ballistic nylon, or other cut-resistant material, to meet the level of protection required when tested by a recognized protocol.
    • Neck protectors must be securely fastened and tucked into the athlete’s skin suit or top-wear.

Eye Protection

    • Protective Eye Wear with a retention strap is required for all skaters.
    • Prescription glasses or hockey helmets with cages are not acceptable.

Knee Pads

    • Knee pads must be worn either in addition to other clothing or be integrated in a skin suit.
    • Pads must be made of high density foam, such as volleyball knee pads. 
    • Knee pads made of only hard plastic are NOT acceptable.

Shin Guards

    • Must be made of hard plastic or a similarly puncture-resistant material: e.g. soccer shin guards.

Ankle Protection

    • Puncture-resistant anklets made of Kevlar or Dyneema must be worn on both legs.
    • Legs must be covered from the tops of the boots to 10 cm above the tops of the boots.
    • It is not permitted to have any skin visible between the skater’s boot and skin suit or leg-wear.