Founded in 1980 as the Kitsilano Speed Skating Club and later renamed in 2005. The Vancouver Speed Skating Club has been serving the community for over 42 years.

The VSSC program offers short track speed skating and welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities. From children to adults recreational to competitive, and Special Olympians. We are governed and supported by Speed Skating British Columbia (SSBC) and Speed Skating Canada (SSC).


Fast and Exciting Racing

Short track speed skating is a fast and exciting sport. Due to the speed and closeness of racing skaters safety is paramount. Like every speed skating club in British Columbia, we follows the guidelines of Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skating British Columbia to reduce the risk of injury. Large crash mats line the ice rink boards. Personal safety equipment is a mandatory to participate at any practice. If a skater does not have the required equipment they will not be permitted on ice. Our club does maintain some equipment spares for this exact scenario but it is the skater’s responsibility to have all equipment to participate.

A Leader in Accessibility

Our club is dedicated to keep our sport accessible to all. Our rates for full-time participation (seven months) is less than half the cost of full-time figure skating or hockey. In fact Vancouver is less expensive than all Metro Vancouver speed skating clubs. VSSC also offers rental speed skates to help reduce the overall cost of equipment. To further lower the barrier of participation, VSSC offers part-time and one month options.

A Leader in Inclusivity

All genders are welcome to short track speed skating. The sport has great integration with mixed competitions and relays. We are also extremely proud of our Special Olympics skaters who train and practice together. Our SO group is the second largest speed skating group in BC. Second only to the official Special Olympics program in Coquitlam.

We are grateful for the generous support from our community