Getting mats on the ice is a CRITICAL volunteer job that we need everyone’s help with during practices! The faster we get them on the ice, the sooner everyone can skate.

Generally this is how the process goes:

  • Wear skates or grab a pair of ice cleats from the orange bucket in the club room – DO NOT GO ON ICE IN YOUR STREET SHOES ONLY
  • Someone should open the mat cage, open the rink door at the northwest corner, and put the wooden ramp down in that door
  • Two trolleys should be towed to the south end of the rink: one has 7 white and 3 blue mats, and the other has 8 blue mats.  The start point of where to position the white mats is marked by a black line on the rim of the rink’s southwest corner under the glass.
  • A few people can wait at the south end of the rink to receive and put the mats up on the south end as shown in the image below as the trolleys are being towed out.
  • The remaining blue and white mats can be dragged directly from the mat cage and put on the north end of the ice in the layout shown below.
  • Take the trolleys back to the cage, put away the ramp, close the gate

A photo of the mat cage, the correct layout, and two handy diagrams are below, showing how the mats are stored and where they get put on the ice.

Thank you for helping out!