This page explains how to register with the club. Please read through it all so you are prepared BEFORE you start registering!

Please note

  • During the off-season (roughly Apr-Aug), sign up on our waitlist to be notified when registration is open for the next season. We do not have ice from April through August and the focus is on summer dryland training. 
  • During the regular season (Sept-March) when we have ice, the registration form link will generally be live at the bottom of the page. 

Questions about registration? 


What are the minimum requirements?

Age requirement

Minimum skating age is 5 years old (as of June 30). 

Skating proficiency

For safety, VSSC requires that new skaters have some basic skating experience. Skaters must be able to:

    • skate across the length of the rink without assistance;
    • glide on one foot;
    • forward scull with both feet; and
    • snowplow stop with both feet.

What else do I need to get ready for registration?

Select your program and fees

Review our Fees page and Practice Schedule page and decide which program you want to enroll in.

Please note: Our main program has ice time from September through March while Kits Rink is open. During summer, we run dryland training outdoors. See the full overview on our Program page. 

Get your equipment

VSSC provides rental of speed skates as part of its program costs—but all speed skaters need to have mandatory safety equipment before you can get on the ice! See the list of needed items here. 

Know your European shoe size

During the registration and bootfitting we will ask for your skater’s European shoe size to help match them to the right skates. Usually you can find this on the shoe label on the inside of your skater’s regular shoes. Try your best to give us a number, we will figure out the right skates together!

How to Fully Register for On-Ice Sessions

  • Go to our IceReg registration link at the bottom of this page. If you don’t have it already, email for the passphrase.
  • For child skaters: sign up parents/guardians first. It is preferable to sign up two “Guardian Members” for a child skater. If no Guardian Member is registered the skating member is not permitted on ice. 
  • For adult skaters without a child skater, skip to Step 2.
  • For child skaters: choose “Register Someone Else” and sign up your skater(s). Select “New Member Registration” if your skater is new to the club this year or “Returning Member Registration” for if you skated with us last year.
  • For adult skaters: Select “New Member Registration” if you are new to the club or “Returning Member Registration” if you skated with us last year.
    • If you are new to the club, during the registration you will be offered the chance to buy ankle protection socks and during registration. These will be provided at your bootfitting session (signup below). Don’t forget, you will also need other mandatory equipment before your first ice session!
  • Electronically sign all the waiver forms required for your membership.
  • Pay your fees please! Please note each transaction incurs a fee of 4.9%+$0.30.  
  • If you are signing up in summer 2023: sign up for an August 2023 bootfitting appointment in this spreadsheet!
  • If you are a One Month Trial skater or a new member starting in October or later, you will be fitted at your first practice – come a little bit early and email if you have any questions.
  • Speed skating boots and blades are unique to the sport, expensive and hard to find for purchase. VSSC includes skate rentals in the membership fee to promote accessibility to the sport.
  • A rental deposit is required for boots and skates; please bring a $500 post-dated (April 1) cheque addressed to Vancouver Speed Skating Club to your bootfitting session. 
  • After your registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email with a detailed welcome message in it that has answers to likely all of the questions you will have about the upcoming year. Have a look so you are informed! See you on the ice!

Refund Policy

  • Prior to season start: 100% refund of VSSC club fee, less $25 admin fee and transaction fees. You are responsible for obtaining refunds from SSBC and SSC for their fees.
  • After season start: no refunds.

Get notified when registration opens