New Member Program

Anyone new to Vancouver Speed Skating Club is considered a New Member. Our New Member program runs monthly, starting on the first practice of the month. Any registrations after the cutoff will start the following month. During the initial practices our coaches will evaluate skills and place the skater in the appropriate grouping.

Upon completion of the New Member trial period our registrar will contact you to inquire if the skater would like to continue and offer a discount code with the value of the New Member fee. Therefore the skater does not pay extra for participating in the New Member program before transitioning to a more committed membership with the club.

New Members also benefit with a free speed skate rental for the duration of their one-month trial period. Upon upgrading to Part-time or Full-time the skater will be required to pay for a skate rental for the remainder of the season.


Full-time Member

Full-time membership is the most ideal for speed skating improvement. Full-time members have the privilege of two ice sessions per week and a dryland session to work on form and technique.


Part-time Member

VSSC offers a very limited number of part-time memberships to help accommodate skaters with busy or conflicting schedules. Skaters can register for either Part-time (Wednesdays) or Part-time (Sundays). Part-time also includes the dryland session which is very beneficial to work on form, technique, and conditioning.



VSSC has one of the most cost-effective and accessible speed skating programs in Southern British Columbia. We are committed to keep the barrier to participate as low as possible but we understand that a 6-month season can be difficult to budget for. We highly recommend looking at opportunities for support from KidSport.

KidSport is an incredibly vital national program (founded in British Columbia) with a goal to help families overcome the prohibitive cost of sport.

Competition Optional

Competition is not for everyone and VSSC is receptive and accommodating to anyone wishing to participate in speed skating with no obligation to race. Our coaches will treat all skaters with the same level of dedication and respect to help them build confidence and skill. It is not uncommon for skaters to transition from Non-competitive to Competitive as they see their skill level dramatically improve.

Skill Level Requirements

Age Requirement

Minimum skating age is 5 years old (as of June 30). 

Skating Proficiency

For safety, VSSC requests that new skaters have some basic skating experience. Skaters must be able to:

    • skate across the length of the rink without assistance;
    • glide on one foot;
    • forward scull with both feet; and
    • snowplow stop with both feet.

The City of Vancouver offers learn to skate programs from Pre-school to Adult. We recommend achieving a proficiency of Child Level 3 before signing up for speed skating.


Equipment Requirements

Mandatory Equipment

Safety is paramount for everyone participating at practices and competition. This is a list of mandatory equipment. Skaters will be instructed to leave the ice if they are missing one of the following listed items.  There is no exception.

If you are having difficulty sourcing this equipment check the VSSC Registration Store or Contact Us for a list of local suppliers.


    • Headgear must be certified to meet ASTM F 1849 standards.
    • Must be securely fastened under the chin.
    • Speed skating-approved helmets, hockey helmets or skateboard/ski helmets are acceptable.
    • Bike helmets are not acceptable.

Neck Protection

    • All skaters must wear neck protection that has a bib.
    • Must be made of ballistic nylon, or other cut-resistant material, to meet the level of protection required when tested by a recognized protocol.
    • Neck protectors must be securely fastened and tucked into the athlete’s skin suit or top-wear.

Eye Protection

    • Protective Eye Wear with a retention strap is required for all skaters.
    • Prescription glasses or hockey helmets with cages are not acceptable.

Knee Pads

    • Knee pads must be worn either in addition to other clothing or be integrated in a skin suit.
    • Pads must be made of high density foam, such as volleyball knee pads. 
    • Knee pads made of only hard plastic are NOT acceptable.

Shin Guards

    • Must be made of hard plastic or a similarly puncture-resistant material: e.g. soccer shin guards.

Ankle Protection

    • Puncture-resistant anklets made of Kevlar or Dyneema must be worn on both legs.
    • Legs must be covered from the tops of the boots to 10 cm above the tops of the boots.
    • It is not permitted to have any skin visible between the skater’s boot and skin suit or leg-wear.

How to Register

Step 1

Sign up parents/guardians first. It is preferable to sign up two “Guardian Members” for a child skater. The guardian membership is free and each guardian receives a Speed Skating BC and Speed Skating Canada Associate Membership. If no Guardian Member is registered the skating member is not permitted on ice.

Adult skaters without a child skater may skip Step 1.

Step 2

Please “Register Someone Else” and sign up your skater(s). All new skaters start as “New Members.” Please follow the instructions. It is very important to add the correct information otherwise this will jeopardize your registration and could relegate the skater to a waitlist. 

Step 3

Skate rental is included in the registration fee. Please be sure to give an accurate European shoe size of each registered skater. This will help our volunteers quickly get your skater fitted on the first day. At the beginning of the season the club will notify returning members about ‘boot fitting’ dates; New members will be fitted at their first practice. A rental deposit is required for boots and skates; please bring a $400 post-dated (April 1) cheque addressed to Vancouver Speed Skating Club to your boot fitting session.

Step 4

Please be sure to sign all waiver forms and code of conduct documents to ensure your skater registers correctly. Failure to sign all forms will render the registration as incomplete and therefore may not guarantee a spot. It is the registrants responsibility to ensure completion. 

Refund Policy

Prior to season start: 100% refund of VSSC club fee, less $25 admin fee and transaction fees. You are responsible for obtaining refunds from SSBC and SSC for their fees.

Registration Checklist


Please read through this checklist to ensure your skater can register and participate.