Capturing more than just speed

Michael Mong

We are extremely fortunate to have Michael Mong as our Photographer. He has been with us since 2014, when his son, Adam, first joined.

Michael’s expertise stems from his passion for capturing images since he was a boy. Dedication to his “hobby” has led his work to be featured in Discovery, Cathay Pacific’s inflight magazine, and Beautiful British Columbia Magazine. He has also contributed photos to various books and publications.

Michael is well-known in the British Columbia speed skating community for his fabulous photos of speed skaters. As a recognition of his outstanding volunteerism, he was awarded BC Skating’s 2020 President’s Award.

We’re proud to show examples of Michael’s work, as it highlights his attention to detail. The lighting, framing, and composition unite to capture the athletes’ balance, concentration, and exertion, resulting in beautiful and memorable shots.


Michael Mong Photography
Michael Mong Photography
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Short Track Canada Cup Junior Final (March 18–20, 2022)

Richmond Oval hosts the Speed Skating Canada Short Track Canada Cup Junior Final. Many of the best young skaters from across Canada compete in this prestigious competition. Michael Mong has taken some incredible shots.

BC Short Track Championships (March 12-13, 2022)

This year the BC Short Track Championships are held at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Congratulations to everyone who qualified! It has been challenging for all the competitors this year. It is definitely time to celebrate.  

Esquimalt Interclub (November 27, 2021)

The Esquimalt Speed Skating Club successfully ran their first Interclub Competition in approximately 15 years! With incredible support from the speed skating community the meet was fully attended and was a great time for all.

Langley Interclub (October 23, 2021)

The Langley Blades Speed Skating Club put on a fantastic first competition of the season. Despite challenges of COVID-19 the meet was a complete success and led the way for the entire community.