For safety, VSSC requests that anyone interested in participating in the Beginner program have some basic skating experience. Skaters must be able to:

    • skate across the length of the rink without assistance;
    • glide on one foot;
    • forward scull with both feet; and
    • snowplow stop with both feet

We recommend age 5 and above.

Yes, we offer a One Month Trial. This is a full-time Beginner program that includes free skate rental for the duration of the month.

If your skater wishes to continue after the month an upgrade coupon will be offered to offset the original trial price. More details here.

Typically, the British Columbia Speed Skating season starts in early September and ends in late March. Optionally you may register as a New Member once per season which has a duration of one month.

Full-time (and New Members) practice three days a week: two ice sessions and one off-ice dryland session. Part-time is two day a week with one-ice session and one dryland session. Please visit our Practice Schedule or our Calendar for more information.

Please visit our Fees page for details on fees and skate rentals.

From September through March, Vancouver Speed Skating Club runs on-ice practices at Kitsilano Rink: 2690 Larch Street, Vancouver, BC  V6K 4K9. Dryland takes place at the Kitsilano Community Centre. 

In spring and summer, dryland takes place at an outdoor setting, usually Emily Carr Elementary School. 

We love you already! Volunteers are essential! Vancouver Speed Skating Club is a non-profit sports club that is run completely by volunteer. All our board members and coordinators assist the club in their spare time. We encourage all members and families to help in daily activities, particularly putting mats on ice. Please inquire with another member about how you can help.

Skaters are assessed and evaluated by our coaching staff who place them in an environment that is safe and appropriate for their skill level. All VSSC skaters start in our Beginner group and are promoted by the coaching staff.

Beginner skaters are not required to go to competitions. However, time standards are used to evaluate promotion to the Advanced group.

No, however, the sooner your child acclimates to skating on speed skates the better. VSSC offers a cost effective skate rental program that alleviates the cost of growing feet and the need for longer blades.

We do not recommend that children from the age of 5-11 purchase speed skates due to growth and technical proficiency changes will affect blade length.

To keep costs down and make entry to the sport easier, VSSC offers skate rentals. The cost of skate rental is included in your registration fee.

Short track speed skates cannot be sharpened with traditional skate shop sharpening machines. They must be sharpened by hand. The club offers sharpening clinics at the beginning of the season and has sharpening equipment in the club room. Visit Skate Sharpening here.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact our president directly: president@vancouverspeedskating.com

For donations (either in-kind services or monetary) please contact treasurer@vancouverspeedskating.com

For volunteering help please contact info@vancouverspeedskating.com

Yes, VSSC is very fortunate to have a fantastic photographer that offers very low cost sales of photos of skaters participating at Interclub competitions. All funds go directly back into our programming costs. The Photo Gallery is located at SmugMug. Please visit this link and browse to find your favourite photos